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7 Reasons Cohesity Tops Veritas for Backup and Data Management

Backup and Data Management Leader

IT architecture matters in a data-driven world. Reliance on traditional approaches for backup and data management is no longer sufficient or economical to keep addressing growth, and meeting your demanding business service-level agreements (SLAs). Today’s backup and recovery landscape is littered with separate legacy point products for backups, target storage, and long-term data retention, that exacerbate the challenge of mass data fragmentation, create operational inefficiencies, and increase security and compliance risk.


Ensure your business is better protected and more agile with a cloud-native solution, purpose-built for today’s backup and data management challenges. Cohesity solves mass data fragmentation— spanning across core, cloud, and edge—with a modern solution that 30-year-old products such as vintage Veritas just can’t compete with in the digital era.


This ebook describes the top reasons customers choose Cohesity over Veritas.


1. Consolidates Silos Into a Single Platform

Cohesity’s software-defined architecture simplifies backup and recovery by eliminating data and infrastructure silos. It integrates backup software, target storage, media servers, master servers, cloud gateways, search indexing, data classification, and more, into a single platform that’s easy and fast to deploy—and scale out—as needed, anywhere.


Cohesity protects a myriad of data sources including bare-metal servers, virtual environments (leading hypervisors and containers), mission-critical on-premises and SaaS applications, traditional and modern distributed databases, and primary storage systems and NAS devices. With Cohesity software, enterprises enjoy continuous virtual machine (VM) backup for Continuous Data Protection, and policybased, effortless data replication and/or archival to another cluster located on-premises, in the enterprise edge or the public cloud.


2. Simplifies Global Management

Cohesity Helios dramatically simplifies managing all data and applications, wherever they reside—in the data center, the public cloud or the enterprise edge. Its SaaS-based, single-user interface (UI) combined with built-in machine learning provides global operational insights and actionable recommendations to help meet business SLAs and improve business continuity. 

With Cohesity Helios, organizations can:
  • Manage all Cohesity clusters from a single UI
  • Generate global reports for deeper visibility
  • Search and take actions across a global footprint
  • Orchestrate cluster upgrades
  • Proactively plan for future business requirements with capacity prediction
  • Monitor machine learning-based anomalies for ransomware attack detection

3. Non Disruptive, Scale-Out Architecture

Cohesity is built on web-scale principles for digital business. It ensures easy expansion and non-disruptive software upgrades and capacity expansions so IT staff can start small and scale out as needs dictate.


Cohesity scales limitlessly, without any impact on workload performance. It allows backup admins to upgrade clusters without downtime, using rolling upgrades, leaving all services operational on the remaining nodes for the duration of the maintenance. IT staff can simply introduce or retire nodes on the fly. No more forklift upgrades, ripping and replacing environments, or overprovisioning infrastructure at the outset.


4. Born in the Cloud Era

Cohesity is built to seamlessly integrate with the public cloud. Its cloud-native architecture and single UI eliminate bolt-on gateways and separate software to leverage the public cloud. This makes archiving for long-term retention, storage tiering, and disaster recovery over hybrid cloud simple to implement and seamless to users.


Also, as more enterprise users and workloads move to the cloud, the Cohesity software-defined platform runs natively on all major cloud providers and delivers seamless and efficient backup and recovery for IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS cloud apps and workloads.


5. Rapid Ransomware Recovery

To defend against modern cyber threats, Cohesity goes beyond AES-256 encryption and role-based access with capabilities to prevent the backup from becoming a ransomware target, and to rapidly detect and recover from attacks.


Cohesity features multi-factor authentication, ensuring only authorized users gain access to the mission-critical data. It is architected as an immutable file system and includes WORM on backup data, so no application or malware can modify a “gold” copy. There is no separate backup catalog nor are there multiple point products for ransomware to attack, and the catalog checkpoints are WORM protected. It can alert to abnormal file changes from one backup to the next, indicative of an attack in progress.


Global search and deep visibility through Cohesity CyberScan aids in identifying VM backups that are infected, to prevent reinfection during a restore. Perhaps most importantly, when responding to an attack, Cohesity offers flexible and rapid recovery at scale to minimize downtime through Instant Mass Restore.


7. Delights Developers

With Cohesity, IT operators can instantly and securely provision high-fidelity data for developers and testing teams via zero-cost clones within the same environment.


Clones can be instantly refreshed with the latest data. This not only accelerates the development of high-quality applications that can’t rely on synthetic transactions but also reduces data copies to lower security and compliance risks.


What Customers Are Saying

“Cohesity is showing us how to leverage our data in new ways. With a single web-scale data management platform, we have not only improved backup and recovery times by more than 90%, but can also now look to Cohesity for additional ways to address mass data fragmentation. Shumaker will be able to migrate data to the cloud, save expense by looking to Cohesity for scale-out NAS, and set data management policies for Exchange and other applications. Cohesity makes everything about data management easier.”
– Carl Holzhauer, Infrastructure Supervisor, Shumaker
“One of the most significant benefits with Cohesity is the ability to have a single platform for modern backup and recovery, failover, and disaster recovery. Cohesity has given us flexibility to use AWS for backups older than 40 days, as well as legacy applications that are refreshed or refactored,” 
– Adam Rasner, Vice President Technology Operations, AutoNation
“While a traditional vendor would take 30 days to set up the environment itself, Cohesity is so simple we can set up new environments in a matter of hours instead of days, making the shift to the cloud easy and streamlined.”
– Gary Jackson, Global IT Leader, Energy & Sustainability Services, Schneider Electric

Industry Accolades

Analysts, influencers, and customers recognize Cohesity as a data management leader and innovator. In contrast, Veritas is considered a challenger, and often, not considered at all.

Gartner Magic Quadrant 2020 for Backup and Recovery Solutions named Cohesity a Leader


Forrester Wave™: Data Resiliency Solutions, Q3 2019 named Cohesity as a leader


Three-time Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice 2018-2020 for Data Center Backup and Recovery Solutions


Cohesity was recognized for Gartner’s Customers’ Choice in N. America


Gartner Voice of the Customer 2020: Cohesity was a top 3 vendor in all customer review ratings and comparisons

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