Meeting the CCPA challenge

In our digital world, we are creating, using and sharing data constantly. To regulate this economy of data and embrace higher standards for data protection, more and more data privacy regulations have emerged. This means the road toward data-driven business transformation has evolved and now requires every organization to navigate through a rapidly shifting data privacy landscape. The most recent speed bump: the California Consumer Privacy Act.
But what if, instead of just complying with the CCPA, you could future-proof your data privacy investments? We’ve collaborated with First San Francisco Partners to create a comprehensive guide to help organizations prepare for CCPA and beyond. It covers:
· An overview of the policy and its impact
· Handy tips for how to prepare the company for change
· How Collibra’s data privacy framework allows organizations to jump start CCPA implementation and achieve faster time to compliance
Read the whitepaper to learn how to get CCPA compliance right now and build a strong foundation that can quickly respond to new data privacy mandates in the future.