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Retail Insight Solution: Interactive Infographic


Revolutionize Your In-Store Customer Experience with Reliable and Accurate Data-Based Insights
A brick-and-mortar business is not an outdated concept. In fact, it’s still very possible to run one successfully. However, to remain viable amid increasing online competition, brick-and-mortar businesses of all types must now take full advantage of all available data to inform their critical operational decision-making and marketing strategies.


The Softchoice Retail Insight Solution stands ready to help any type of brick-and-mortar business harvest and leverage:

• In-store customer behavior data

• Data gleaned from customer mobile device/ wifi connectivity

• Existing sales data

• Weather data

• A host of other relevant data points


Softchoice Retail Insight Solution: Predict, Attract, and Accommodate Future In-Store Traffic.

Equipped with advanced reporting, analytical insights, and machine learning/AI capabilities available through the Softchoice Retail Insight Solution, a brick-and-mortar retail business owner or manager no longer needs to rely solely on their experience or gut instinct when it comes to predicting what customer want or need...


By measuring and understanding customer behavior and data within a retail establishment and accommodating demonstrated real-time needs and wants, a brick-and-mortar business stands to grow its customer base and revenues through:

• Better-informed staffing practices

• More accurate demand forecasting

• Increased customer conversion and loyalty

• Increased average basket size

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