Leaving Broadcom?

The Choice is Simple

Ready to replace to Broadcom?

Organizations need confidence in the tools they rely on, as well as the company behind those tools. But, changes in corporate direction and leadership can lead to uncertainty and leave a company’s future in doubt. It’s time to move away from uncertainty and embrace a more secure future based in the cloud.

Better in the cloud


With more data and work applications residing there, the cloud plays a vital role in every organization. And, the greater their cloud footprint, the more agile and competitive organizations can be. But, the same large cloud footprint that helps boost your business is also putting your business at risk, as your work apps and your users leave the network. Legacy infrastructures and appliances just don’t fit in today’s new cloud and mobile world. You need a cloud-based solution built to securely connect your users to their cloud apps. This is where Gartner’s secure access service edge (SASE) architecture comes in.


SASE platforms bring security and policy close to the user to eliminate unnecessary backhaul and provide optimal bandwidth and low latency and its multitenant architecture allows organizations to scale as application use demands. 


You simply can’t secure your off-network apps and users without a true SASE architecture.

Make it simple - and SASE


 As a true SASE cloud platform, Zscaler elastically scales to user demand. Organizations never have to worry about bandwidth issues, even during unforeseen events that suddenly increase user traffic. 
The Zscaler™ Cloud Security Platform gives organizations full visibility into traffic, and identical security and policy enforcement whether users are on the network or off.
You get the performance and operational excellence of a 9-time Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader and from the world’s largest security platform built for cloud, which currently processes more than 100 billion transactions per day.
With 150 data centers, and global peering, you are always close to the Zscaler Cloud for a fast, secure experience
Our purpose-built multitenant architecture seamlessly handled 3x traffic volumes during COVID-19 work-from-home initiatives. Single-tentant clouds based on appliance VMs just can’t keep up with demand like that. 

Security above and beyond


Organizations are realizing that embracing the cloud can provide a multitude of business benefits. But, it also exposes your business to increased cyberattacks. Part of the problem is that the majority of internet traffic uses SSL encryption. Without a scalable cloud proxy architecture, you’ll find yourself making compromises as to what you can and can’t inspect. And if you can’t confidently inspect all your content inside SSL, you’re blind to the majority of threats targeting your users.


Additionally, much of an organization’s legacy infrastructure is a mashup of complex point products, mismatched policies, and patched boxes. This hodgepodge increases IT complexity, and drives up networking, backhaul, and IT costs. And, when users drop off the network, your legacy infrastructure simply can’t deliver the same policy protections to all users, regardless of their location or connection.

Switching is easy


As a cloud-delivered service, you can be up and running with Zscaler in minutes. Just point your traffic to Zscaler and we’ll do the rest. And since it’s a subscription service based upon the number of users, your costs are predictable. And once up and running, administration is a snap. The Zscaler platform unifies all access controls, security services, and policy creation into one centralized location. There’s nothing to manage or update, unlike complex hybrid approaches that drive up costs and require constant administration.


Elastic scalability. In-depth on- or off-network. Operational excellence. A better user experience. The choice is clear.

More secure in the cloud


 Every connection is secured with a full range of security services, including Cloud Firewall, IPS, Sandbox, DLP, CASB, Browser Isolation, advanced threat protection, and more.
The Zscaler™ Cloud Security Platform gives organizations full visibility into traffic, and identical security and policy enforcement whether users are on the network or off.
With a single manager and a fully integrated security policy, you no longer have to deal with product complexity and costs. IT becomes streamlined and agile. Users get the same protection, no matter where they are or how they connect.


The Zscaler Internet Threat Exposure Analysis is a great way benchmark your existing architecture and understand your risk exposure.

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